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One of the most popular "Destinations"
in today's cruise world is really
a ship crossing the ocean.

The repositioning cruise of your choosing may begin on the East coast of the USA in the spring and head to its summer deployment somewhere in Europe — or it may be in the fall and leave from a port in Europe heading back into the Caribbean for the winter. Or it could be leaving from the West Coast of the USA heading into the South Pacific for the winter — or from Asia heading back to the USA. Some Panama Canal cruises are considered to be "Repositioning Cruises" if the ship is moving from the Caribbean to Alaska for the summer — or reverse — coming back out of Alaska in the fall headed back to the Caribbean. However, Panama Canal cruising is truly a different experience altogether.

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  • They spend many days at sea.
  • They appeal to the "Seasoned" Cruise Traveler who loves those long days at sea and doesn't need a different port to explore everyday.
  • They take place on ships who are ocean equipped — well stabilized, and who are outfitted for transocean crossings.
  • They ALL begin in one port in one country — and end up in a different port on a different continent as a rule.
  • Therefore — They require more than a Round-Trip Airfare — as the passenger will either need to fly to a foreign destination to board the ship — or will be flying back home again if the ship is traveling outbound to its re-deployment. One-way airfares are usually more expensive, however, if air is packaged with the voyage, they are normally less costly.
  • Repositioning Cruises are traditionally much longer than routine itineraries — of course, based on the beginning port and ending port — with a few port calls along the way.
  • Most Repositioning Cruises do make stops in some ports along the way — some more than others.
  • Repositioning Cruises are frequently less expensive based on a per day — person rate than the routine itineraries.
  • Rougher seas are common in Transocean Crossings, therefore, are usually never recommended for first-time cruisers until they have experienced life on a ship in calmer waters.
  • More activities are planned on many of the ships to accommodate those guests who desire more than just relaxing with a good book or enjoying some total "down time" from the daily stresses. Great entertainment abounds — and the spa recommends early appointments — as they stay busy during repositioning cruises.

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