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DISCLAIMER: Offers are capacity controlled and based on prices and cabin categories available when prepared for posting to website. Restrictions may apply. Prices are cruise only and include port charges/NCF but not miscellaneous government taxes and fees unless otherwise noted. Actual price subject to market fluctuation and is primarily determined by categories available and prices in effect at time of booking. May sell out, increase, decrease, or be withdrawn at any time.

Cruising has become America's favorite way to travel. Travel in first class style with your luxury ship as your floating resort hotel. Visit some of the world's most popular and exotic attractions. Dine on gourmet food, and enjoy pampered service. There is no better way to celebrate a family reunion, birthday, graduation, holiday, or special event. And there is not a more romantic way to celebrate an anniversary, honeymoon, or a wedding cruise. When all the costs are added up of taking the same type trip with first class hotels, all the meals, snacks, paying extra for entertainment (movies, Las Vegas and Broadway reviews, celebrity performances, etc.) -- and if you are traveling with small children, add in the childcare costs (on ships, the kids programs are wonderful, and free!) --- you then realize that stepping on board that cruise ship with the family with all the above items already paid for in advance --all included in your cruise fare-- that makes it your most economical way to travel. Enjoy dancing, or just listening to a variety of music styles by a variety of live bands and orchestras. Try your luck in the casino, shop in duty-free shops -- sip your favorite cocktail while watching a glorious sunset. Experience the luxury of the fully equipped spa, and a terrific massage --- work out in the gym. Enjoy the worlds most exotic ports of call -- the sunny Caribbean -- festive Mexico -- the balmy islands of Tahiti or Hawaii -- the majestic beauty of Alaska and Danali Park -- the Medieval castles of Europe or the cultures of the Far East. Check out the Koalas and Kangaroos down under in Australia -- have lunch on the Nile after visiting the Sphinx and Pyramids of Egypt. Tour the ruins of the ancient cities of the biblical days in Turkey, the Acropolis in Greece -- and sail past Mt. Etna in Sicily. Enjoy the Troubadours serenade you as you float through Venice in a gondola. We can help make your fantasy come true --- we have a cruise for every budget -- cruises on sale everyday --- all of our cruises are special rates. Call us today to get started on your great cruise vacation. Bon Voyage!



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