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Our Professional Travel Planners make Lindale Travel truly your one-stop travel site offering in-depth information on: destinations, maps, airport diagrams, passport assistance, worldwide time charts, travel advisories, travel health information, currency conversion rates.

You've been dreaming of perfect all inclusive vacations, luxury cruises, or that long awaited trip to some far-away land...  Now is the time to take action and treat yourself - with a travel planning coach!

Call us today: (828) 275-0693 for additional information and pricing. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you make your dreams come true. Please remember — our service level is personal — requiring that we speak with you — we work hard for our guests — we enjoy getting to know them by getting acquainted on the telephone. We look forward to becoming your Personal Travel Planning Coach.


We offer excellent pricing, guest amenities, and the assurance that your travel plans will be professionally and personally handled through one of the owners of our family owned and operated business.

We don't just work here — We are the owners.
Our commitment is to each and every guest we work with.

We encourage you to check out our credentials through the professional organizations that are listed below. We, Lindale Travel, Inc. are independently owned and operated — we are personal members of the organizations — we are not "claiming" membership through a booking entity that is provided through another source.

Visit the world's most popular and exotic attractions. Enjoy gourmet food and pampered service.

There's no better way to celebrate a family reunion, birthday, graduation, holiday or special event. And it's the most romantic way to celebrate an anniversary, honeymoon, or wedding cruise.

Enjoy dancing, live bands, orchestras and shows. Try your luck in the casino, shop in duty-free shops -- sip your favorite cocktail while watching a glorious sunset.

Experience the luxury of the fully equipped spa. Work out in the gym. Enjoy exotic ports of call — the sunny Caribbean — festive Mexico — the balmy islands of Tahiti or Hawaii — the majestic beauty of Alaska and Danali Park - the Medieval castles of Europe or the cultures of the Far East. Go down under in Australia — dine on the Nile after visiting the Sphinx and Pyramids of Egypt. Tour the biblical sites in Turkey, the Acropolis in Greece — and sail past Mt. Etna in Sicily. All of this awaits you here at Lindale Travel, Inc. and

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Please be assured that our quotes to you are complete — there are no hidden fees, and no booking charges for our services. All charges must be made with a major credit card — for your protection — as all charges will come to your credit card direct from the vendor — not from our agency. We advise extreme caution in paying by check to any entity who you are then trusting to make that payment to the vendor you have selected for your travels (cruise line, tour company, etc.). We will be happy to place you on a 3-way call as we make that transaction for you direct with the vendor so that you are assured your money is where it is supposed to be.

We do not provide email quotes — we provide personalized, custom searches for all guests in order to secure the best possible rates and available extra amenities for our valued clients. In order for us to be able to meet those high standards for pricing, value, knowledge and service — we require that we must first speak with you in order to "get acquainted." We think that is an essential ingredient to help us help you enjoy your dream vacation with the best level of service you deserve for your investment.

We can help make your fantasy come true. Call us today to get started on your dream vacation. Bon Voyage!

We are members in good standing of the following organizations:

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  • We are owner-operated.
  • Our buying power gives us access to great rates.
  • We are experienced, friendly and professional.
  • We have traveled the world — we don't have to read from a book to give you destination information. We know the cruise lines, the tour companies, and the river boats — we can help you make appropriate selections based on your dreams, your expectations, your comfort zone, and your budget.
  • We're your Personal Travel Planning Coaches.
  • We are Professional Travel Planners.
  • We can help you select the trip appropriate for you and your budget.
  • We are fully licensed, bonded and insured.
  • We are proud of our high level of customer service.
  • We represent quality and trusted cruise lines, tour operators, and river boat companies around the world.
  • We are honest — we pledge to give you all available information to the best of our knowledge regarding the products you are interested in. We do not hesitate to discourage some products based on their reputation or financial status. We feel that adequately informed guests make happy guests. Realistic expectations make for a terrific vacation experience — that is our goal for our guests.


Please call us at (828) 275-0693

Please Note --- As a protection factor for all of our guests, we require that all travel be paid for with a major credit card. All charges to your credit card will actually come from the cruise line or tour vendor onto your card and not from us. We represent all major cruise lines and accredited tour vendors. We accept no personal checks either on our behalf or for the cruise lines or travel vendors, no cash, or money orders. We make no charges for our services — we are here to assist you with your travel plans and to assure you of obtaining the best rates possible. (It is important that you provide a phone number where we can reach you in order to discuss your request — as we do not provide email quotes. We look forward to "meeting" you soon via the telephone!)